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How to Find a Wedding Florist


It all starts with a big question. If the answer is yes, there will be many more little questions that need to be answered before you say, “I do.” If you have questions about wedding florals, our florists have answers. From planning the reception to prancing down the aisle, we have flowers to make every bride smile.

Before the Bouquet

Every romance is essentially a story of two souls meeting, forming a connection and finally, making a commitment. There is no greater commitment or stronger pledge than both of you repeating the two words, “I do.”

Just as every romance is different, every wedding dream is different. Ideally, your wedding will beautifully form the backdrop and create the scene for this important chapter. As your lives entwine and you bask in the warmth and love of each other and the people you have chosen to witness and celebrate the occasion with you, this moment marks the beginning of the rest of your lives.

Every wedding creates an overall picture created by assembling many different puzzle pieces. They may seem like a minor detail, but flowers are an integral piece of the puzzle. Capable of elevating a venue into a dreamscape, the right flowers can capture the vibe and transcend space and time.

The Day of Your Dreams

If you are a new bride beginning to ponder petals, it helps to first take some time to consider the look of your venue, your wedding style, the season of your wedding date, potential color palettes, your most beloved blooms and how you would like to incorporate flowers into your big day.

Imagine the overall look you would like for your fairytale florals. Search for inspiration and find photographs of flower varieties and designs you find appealing. Gather enough examples to adequately communicate your vision yet leave enough variety and flexibility to allow for modifications.

Once you get started accumulating examples of what flowers you like best, a pattern will likely emerge that will give some insight into what styles and palettes resonate with you. These pictures you collect will allow your florist to get acquainted with what you like.

Remember that florists are visual people. The photographs you gather will be much more helpful than describing what you want in words. Along with the photos you have of other weddings you found inspiring, it will also help to furnish photos of your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and pics of the venue.

Before you meet with potential florists, figure out your wedding budget, if you have one. Most wedding budgets allot approximately ten percent of the overall budget for flowers, but just as every romance is different, every wedding and corresponding budget will vary according to tastes, priorities and general creative vision.

Once you have your wedding imagined and have determined the coinciding budget devoted to making that dream a reality, you are ready to find a florist to bring it all to life.

The Perks of Hiring a Professional

The right professional florist has the skills and experience needed to make your dreams a reality. When searching for wedding florists in your area, start by asking your venue. You can also ask other vendors you have already chosen if they have recommendations for wedding florists.

To broaden your search to include more potential wedding florists in your area, look at wedding sites online and browse local wedding magazines. Ask for recommendations from any newlyweds you know, specifically if you went to any weddings with impressive florals.

Check out local florists’ websites and storefronts. If you have already spent time gathering examples of what you like, look for florists whose style coincides with what you find appealing. However, a skilled florist should be able to create any style. Ask for examples of weddings, if the florist has a background of doing weddings.

Sometimes a place just beckons to you. If you see a charming flower shop and get the urge to stop in, don’t hesitate to go inside to see if the florist designs for weddings. If you have a pleasant meeting with the florist, you can always research online and check out reviews after the meeting.

Before meeting with florists, it helps to know what your wedding floral needs are. Do you want your florist to decorate the aisle, an altar, reception tables and design other arrangements along with the bouquets and boutonnieres, or would you like to handle some of the décor yourself? Does your florist need to be present at the ceremony and reception to facilitate moving any pieces?

Try to set up appointments with florists about 9 to 11 months before your wedding date. Ask to see a portfolio of the florist’s work. During meetings, be honest about your budget. Ask potential florists if they have a minimum budget. If you like a florist but can’t afford the quoted price, ask if there are ways to work within your budget.

For instance, opting for in-season blooms, switching out high-end florals with more economical blooms or creating versatile pieces that can have multiple uses in different locations can sometimes help big dreams fit into not-so-big budgets.

Letting a florist create your wedding florals also opens the door to more opportunities. Florists have access to flowers and greenery beyond what you would be able to find or order on your own.

Wedding flowers are the result of a collaboration between the florist and the client. It all starts with the vision of the happy couple. It is up to the florist to assemble the right flowers to bring that vision to life.

Ultimately, the right florist will understand your vision and exhibit excitement about your project. The right florist will be flexible enough to present alternatives if something isn’t feasible or if he or she has a better option. Hire a florist whose work is impressive enough that some artistic freedom is easily given. You will have many other details between now and your big day that will require your attention, so let your florist have the flowers.

Finalizing the Flowers

Once you have met with the potential wedding florists near you, it is time to make the final decision and sign some paperwork to make it official. Each florist will likely give you a proposal describing his or her interpretation of your wedding vision.

The proposal may not include all the information you need, like pricing details and delivery fees, so if something you want to know is missing, bring it up before you sign any documents. Make sure you get the specifics regarding delivery, set up and break down. Additionally, check to see if there is an additional fee for handling those aspects, what condition the blooms will be in upon delivery and any deposit and payment info that has yet to be discussed.

Find out if the florist will be responsible for working with the venue regarding any restrictions. That is another example of an additional detail you won’t want to worry about.

Carefully read any document before signing and paying a deposit. You aren’t marrying your florist, but you will be entering into a creative partnership. You want to be sure you have found the one.

Ask if there are any additional fees and what time the flowers will be delivered. Ask your florist when everything must be finalized, how much the deposit is and when it and the final payment are due.

Once the details are in order, you can focus on the fun part – the flowers. If you still have questions or if you are still shopping around for a local wedding florist near you, reach out to our florists at A Roses Petals in Paterson, NJ, and we will discuss how to make your wedding dream a reality.

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