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Friend Zone

LOOK OUT. Valentine’s Day is almost here. Stop focusing on your relationship status and start looking at this day as an opportunity. Start a group text with your best friends and get ready to celebrate. Valentine’s Day is now PAL-entine's Day, and our florists at A Rose's Petal in Paterson, NJ, have valentine's day ideas for friends.

Our 1-800-Flowers Pink Rose Fancy By Real Simple flower arrangement is a beautiful accent to PAL-entine’s Day. Pitch in and surprise the PAL-entine’s Day host with this stunning arrangement. It is the ideal look and size for a centerpiece, and it still incorporates that Valentine’s Day look. Turn your home into a friend zone this Valentine’s Day with these Valentine's Day ideas for friends.

In popular books and movies, the friend zone is often depicted in a negative way as a place you want to avoid. However, many of our friendships will outlast at least some of our romantic relationships. Why then, should we place less importance on the love that exists between friends? Many consider February 14th as Valentine’s Day. Other’s consider it Single Awareness Day. Create an opportunity to celebrate the lasting love you have with your friends by having a PAL-entine's Day celebration! Go out or stay in. The opportunities are endless!

Friends don’t let friends spend Valentine’s Day alone. Make all your friends feel loved this Single Awareness Day. Special gifts and fun activities are not limited to romantic love. Grab your friends and plan a fun day or evening of fun. Museums, restaurants, bowling alleys or even your own home can all create the scene for fun Valentine’s Day ides for friends. Start the celebration off right with a beautiful gift for that beautiful person who is always there for you. It doesn’t have to cost much. It just needs to show you care.

When choosing the ideal Valentine's Day ideas for friends, consider what works best for your friend group. PAL-entine's Day is a day to enjoy with friends. Our florists at A Rose's Petal in Paterson, NJ, are here to help make this PAL-entine's Day the best one yet. Take this PAL-entine's Day as an opportunity to make memories with the people you care about most.

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