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Connect with Family this Thanksgiving


Love travels long distance. This Thanksgiving, connect with family that lives far way by sending them a gift. Even if you can’t make it the Thanksgiving Party, sending your family a small gift will let them know you are thinking of them. Here are some great gift ideas for your long-distance family members!

Flowers are a great way to shorten the distance! Our florists at A Roses Petals in Paterson, NJ can help you find a beautiful floral arrangement and deliver it to you long-distance family. If you are looking for a floral design that screams “I love you” the Pumpkin N’ Posies is a great choice. Remember, we are here to help you shorten the distance!

A cheese cutting board is a great gift idea for your long-distance family members. It can be ordered online and delivered before Thanksgiving. Then your family members can still feel like you are a part of Thanksgiving by using the gift during the holiday meal. This is a trendy gift idea that your family will adore. Say “I miss you” in the cheesiest way!

Record a “I love you” video and send it to your long-distance family! Say how much you miss them and how much you care about them! You can also include anyone else that couldn’t make the dinner or show them your attempt at a Thanksgiving meal. This is a simple way to make the long distance look shorter!

Make the distance feel shorter this thanksgiving! If you are looking to have flowers delivered, our florist at A Roses Petals in Paterson, NJ are here to help you find the perfect floral arrangement to express how much you love your family. Spread the love this Thanksgiving!

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